3D printing is showing no signs of letting up and the latest product to get the 3D treatment are these Base insoles by Wiivv. Made-for-you and captured with only your smart phone, the 3D printed insoles come with custom designs for Joes who need that extra bit of support.

Wiivv Base Custom 3D Printed Insoles

Base insoles are engineered to maximise comfort, promote alignment and lessen fatigue. They do this by being made body-perfect to suit your unique foot curves and all you need to get a pair is 5 minutes and a smartphone.

Custom insoles have been found to significantly reduce joint loading in the knee and hip which means they reduce injuries and increase performance in athletic activities. They give you more control through your full range of motion and help spread the impact force of walking and running activities to areas best suited for absorption.

Wivv Base Custom 3D Printed Insoles 4
All you need to do to get a pair is take 2D images of your feet through the Wiivv smartphone app to capture the unique contours of your feet. These images are verified by experts and processed in Wiivv’s fast customisation engine to produce a 3D-printable file for a pair of insoles to perfectly fit you and only you.

Once the insole has been 3D printed, skilled workers use their crafting knowledge to deftly apply a custom designed top layer along with features to further improve comfort, like silicon treads and cushions.

Wivv Base Custom 3D Printed Insoles 1
While function is obviously the key, we’re firm believers that style matters too. So impressively the Base insoles come with tons on customisation options including colour/pattern choices as well as the option to engrave your name on the bottom of your Wiivvs.

The Wivv Base 3D printed insole is being sold on Kickstarter where a pair will set Joes back as little as $50. There’s only two issues we can find; firstly, the app is only available on an iPhone – not Android. And annoyingly they also only ship to Canada and the US as it stands. But Android compatibility is expected in the summer and if successful, we should see the insoles in the UK sometime soon.

Wivv Base Custom 3D Printed Insoles 2



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