Wladimir Klitschko calls out David Haye

Last night Wladimir Klitschko succesffuly defended his WBO and IBF heavyweight titles with a 10th round TKO stoppage of Samuel Peter, after the fight, came straight out to call out David Haye and ask for a fight between the two.

Klitschko said: “I’m getting tired of David Haye, we’re talking about him a lot. I hope he’ll stop talking garbage and follow through with his promises.”

Haye has taunted both Klitschko brothers in the past few years, most famously waaring a T-shirt with a picture of him holding decapitated heads of both Wladimir and brother his brother Vitali.

Wladimir added “Since he moved to the heavyweight division he has slowed down and he is not as fast as he was.”

Klitschko’s trainer Emanuel Steward said “David Haye has talked himself into a good fight, but then ran away, so he’s not even worth talking about.”

Haye is the king of trash, and after recently being quoted “This fight is going to be as one sided as a Gang Rape” when talking about his November clash with Audley Harrison, you would hope he would eventually step and test himself against the best in the world, which is currently Wladimir Klitschko.


Haye defends Gang Rape comment.