World’s Best Live Sports

We firmly believe here at Average Joes that there are few things greater in life than going to a sporting event with your chums and relations. Days out where the starting line-up becomes secondary to a second pint and the last minute winner is far less important than the time the last train leaves.

While basically any live sport gets our juices flowing, barring maybe Lawn Bowls (and even then we’d enjoy a Pimms and a packed lunch), some sport inherently lends itself to the live spectacle better than others. So here is our run down of the world’s best live sports, catering for every sort of Joe!


Football isn’t the national game for just any reason. The Beautiful Game sees an average of around 350,000 fans a week go to watch their team in the Premier League alone. Some of the best footballers on the planet play week in, week out in the greatest league in the world. The sporting drama can’t be beaten thanks to the end-to-end nature of football, and you won’t get a better singing and shouting fix anywhere in the sporting world.

The high profile of football also only adds to the tension – the magnitude of every game means that football for many Joes, unlike most other sports, is a way of life. But while the football might be top quality if you’re supporting Man City, it might be of similar quality for fans of Sunderland and West Brom. So luckily football grounds are usually peppered with pubs within walking distance. A perfect day out. You can view a range of tickets for all types of games at Stubhub.



And beer couldn’t more important for the spectacle of our next live sport – Darts. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you want a sporting day out that doubles up as a night on the town, darts is your man. Full of all of our favourite vices, darts is perfect for a group of Joes who love nothing more than dressing up as Smurfs and chugging jugs the size of a small baby. Just be sure to book the next day off work! You can find the best tickets and details at the PDC website.



If partying like it’s 1999 at a sporting event fills you with dread, then we reckon Cricket might the day out for you. Cricket is probably one of the most inclusive live events around with everyone welcome from fancy-dress students to the elderly Joes with their BBC World Service in ear all happily mixing as one. Relaxed, outdoors and a touch of class. How very English.


Horse Racing

If having a flutter is your bag then look no further than a day at the races. Great if you’ve got a mixed groups of Joes and Janes, a day at the horses can provide plenty of entertainment to anyone who enjoys their liquor and loves getting on their glad rags, regardless of their interest in ponies. Whether you’re a serial gambler or are happy to make a solid £1.50 profit off £50, check out the My Winners website for some great odds.


American Football

Finally, if you ever get the chance, do yourself a favour and go check out an NFL game at Wembley. We’ve been for the last couple of years and can’t recommend it enough. Nobody does a big event like the Americans and where a lot of sporting events carry an air of aggression, American Football offers pure unadulterated fun. Deafening noise, food and drink as far as the eye can see and sport as dramatic as anything on our list, the NFL is here to stay in the UK and we couldn’t be happier about it.