Social media was taken by storm last week when Norwich City announced their third kit for the upcoming Championship season. If we were being kind, we’d say it split the crowd. But in reality, everyone (barring this humble blogger) thought it had been sent from the pits of the makers’ stomachs following one of Delia’s buffets.

Worst Ever Football Kits

But as much as you think you might hate the Norwich alternative kit, there have been worse designs over the years, and even one worse this year! So take a deep breath and think block colours as we delve into the archives for some of the worst football kits ever made.

Reggina, 2012 (Home/Away)

As with the Norwich kit, no matter how disgusting it is, there’s always going to be at least one person who likes it… Guilty as charged, your Honor. But there’s no way anyone can appreciate these awful muscle museum monstrosities from Italian club Reggina back in 2012, surely!?

Worst Football Kits Reggina

Australia, 1990 (Home)

Maybe it’s just something about yellow & green which means you’ll always find a Norwich or Australian kit in a ‘worst football kit’ list, but this one from Down Under in 1990 really takes the proverbial crap biscuit. Just no.

Worst Football Kits Australia

Estonia, 1996 (Goalkeeper)

Estonia and the Aztecs go hand in hand, right? WRONG. At least this Estonian goalkeeper kit from 1996 has an interesting story to go with it… It was worn in the now infamous ‘One team in Tallinn’ World Cup Qualifying match against Scotland, which was incredibly abandoned after just three seconds after the Scottish protested about the kick off time and a lack of floodlights. The game had to be rescheduled for a date a year later!

Worst Football Kits Estonia Goalkeeper

Athletico Bilbao, 2004 (Home)

When the Guggenheim Museum opened in 2007, Bilbao became the home for Spanish arts. Well, 7 years later, Athletico took this a little too far by celebrating their centenary with a kit designed by Basque artist Dario Urzay. Ketchup on a shirt, yes.

Worst Football Kits Athletico Bilbao

Chelsea, 1994 (Away)

Orange and Grey. What could possibly go wrong? EVERYTHING!

Worst Football Kits Chelsea

Colorado Caribous, 1978 (Home)

Colour palettes and weird patterns dominate our list but this beauty from Colorado Caribous in 1978 is truly something else. Tassels. Beige tassels. The kit only lasted one season and in said season, the team lost 22 of their 30 games. We think we may know why…

Worst Football Kits Colorado Caribous

England, 1996 (Goalkeeper)

A king among terrible shirts, we’ve actually got a soft spot for this England goalkeeper kit, famed by David Seaman during Euro 96. But really, we know it’s an abomination.

Worst Football Kits England Goalkeeper 96

Liverpool, 2013 (Third)

One of the more recent additions to our crap kits list is this purple, black and white alternative Liverpool kit from 2013. New kits designers Warrior were trying to do things a little different and even had the slogan ‘we come not to play’… well, that was quite obvious just by looking at this filth.

Worst Football Kits Liverpool

Hearts, 2016 (Alternative)

But the newest and final awful shirt on our list comes from North of the border. This seasin’s Hearts alternative kit is a homage to the 5th Earl of Rosebery, who was Honorary President of Hearts. The Earl had his racing colours of primrose yellow and pink worn by the Scottish national team on nine occasions between 1881 and 1951, most notably in 1900 when Scotland beat England 4-1. It may have admirable origins but it’s just awful.

Worst Football Kits Hearts



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