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x2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack

Ever wanted to swim underwater with the ‘power and grace of a dolphin’? Of course you have! Then take a look at the unbelievably cool world’s first underwater jet pack; the x2 Sport!

The x2 Sport is a wearable propulsion system that revolutionises the underwater experience. The concept is incredibly simple; speed underwater is generated by Hydra thrusters which propel Joes through the water faster than an Olympic swimmer. The x2 provides all the effort, which means you save your precious oxygen allowing for longer duration on dives.

Using the jet pack couldn’t be easier either – all you have to do is point your arms where you want to go. This action enables the thrust and you’ll be propelled into whatever direction you want. Joes can also control the speed by using a simple throttle grip which is attached while you’re under water so you don’t need to worry about letting it go! The x2 can reach speeds of up to 6mph!

Obviously as this is underwater, safety is important with the x2. The power of it means that very rapid ascents and descents are possible so the makers recommend a very careful approach to jet packing at depth. This mean an alarm with sound if you go any deeper than 10m to let you know that you should start heading up.

The makers of the x2 Sport say it’s been designed for snorkelers and swimmers, but really we’d be surprised if it didn’t find its place with extreme sports enthusiasts. The x2 Sport is available in Green, Red, Orange, Yellow and Blue.

We’re not entirely sure where we’d be able to use the x2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack, all we know is we want to play with one NOW! Joes can do that by heading over to the x2 Sport Indiegogo Page where you can book an experience here in the UK for around £100 ($150) or if you’ve got the spare dough, get hold of your very own for whopping £1300 ($2000)!




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