Zackees LED Turn Signal Gloves

It comes as a prerequisite that any bicycle-safety gear instantly makes you look far less cool. Elbow pads, helmets and hi-vis jackets may all be necessary but they don’t do you wonders with the Janes. While the Zackees turn glove won’t shift the balance entirely, it might nudge it in the right direction.

The Zackees LED turn signal glove does exactly what it says on the tin – they’re cycling gloves with turn signals built into the design. A great big flashing amber arrow is built in on the back of each hand.

In order to get them going, contact two metal between the thumb and forefinger: Hold them together, lift your arm, and your hand becomes an indicator to drivers everywhere.

The Zackees has nine ultra-bright LEDs comprising each arrow, so they’re pretty unmissable. The added bonus is that with the way the arrows are positioned, you can even leave your hands on your handlebars to signal forward to drivers ahead of you in traffic that you’re turning.

The Zackees started off as a Kickstarter project and have now gone to retail with a design that’s made from high end materials, so they’ll last the duration too. We love the look of them too! They look suitably futuristic for us.

We love the look of the Zackees gloves and we’ve found them online for only around £50 for a pair. We think that’s some very cheap insurance.