This Saturday sees the biggest ever Lotto jackpot on offer with a gigantic £57.8M up for grabs. The record–breaking jackpot would make Lotto’s biggest winner to date, or could make a host of multi-millionaires. But what would you do if you won the lottery? Here’s some of the most ridiculous things we could come up with!

10 Ridiculous Things to Buy If You Won The Lottery

Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Super Tank

Cost: £500,000 (estimate)

The Ripsaw EV2 (which stands for Extreme Vehicle 2 – so you know it’s good) is one of the world’s most sought after high performance, luxury vehicles. Originally designed and built for the US military, this high speed juggernaut comes with 12 inches of suspension and over 600 diesel horsepower putting it in a league of its own when it comes to capability, speed and luxury. The high speed super tank is handcrafted for the public for extreme off road recreation, so make sure you get yourself some land alongside this beauty.

10 Things to Buy If You Won the Lottery Robot Suit

Isle of Tanera Mor Private Island

Cost: £1.95 Million

Which brings us nicely to this private island, just off the coast of Scotland! We could have just suggested a mansion, but we thought you may want to build your own. And yes, it might not be the Bahamas, but the Scottish landscape is notoriously one of the most breath-taking in the UK, and the Isle of Tanera Mor illustrates the point magnificently. With a varied coastline, numerous cliffs, coves, beaches and stunning views looking across to mainland Scotland, this island comes with an array of farmhouses and cottages as well as all the land you could wish for. Most importantly, it comes well within budget if all you win is a measly £57mil.

10 Things to Buy If You Won the Lottery Isle of Tanera Mor

Boeing 747-8 Private Jet

Cost: £260 Million

The Boeing 747-8 is the largest commercial aircraft built in the United States, and it’s also the longest passenger aircraft ever built. Well, Boeing is now giving the top 1% the chance to buy their very own entire Boeing 747-8. It comes with 4,786 sq. ft. of real estate and much of this floor space is dedicated to a stately bedroom, a lounge, an office, and a dining room that would rival any five-star hotel. There’s also a custom boardroom thrown in for good measure if you fancy actually doing some work on this behemoth. If not, there’s also another decked out high-tech lounge of the plane’s second floor.

10 Things to Buy If You Won the Lottery Boeing Private Jet

Champagne & Gold-Covered Doughnut

Cost: $100

If you’re looking for smaller, more frivolous investments, there’s probably not anything better than this Golden Cristal Ube Donut by New York restaurant The Manila Social Club. This sweet treat is filled with an ube mousse and champagne jelly, and then finally covered with Cristal champagne and actual 24k Gold.

10 Things to Buy If You Won the Lottery Champagne & Gold Doughnut

Magnetic Floating Bed

Cost: £1 Million

Water beds and swinging beds are cool, yes. You know what’s cooler? A levitating bed! Feast your eyes on this Millionaire’s Magnetic Floating Bed. It floats in the air and can support up to 900kgs. The only issues are it needs to be held in place by four thin wires, and as you might have guessed, you can’t really leave anything magnetic lying around in its vicinity.

10 Things to Buy If You Won the Lottery Magnetic Floating Bed

Ortega Mk. 1C Personal Submarine

Cost: £500,000

How about you’re your very own personal submarine!? Constructed using highly advanced naval technology, the Mk. 1C is powered along by two high-power, electric motors. It comes fully equipped with a trimming tank for buoyancy control, on-board breathing apparatus and a HUD navigation system. There are also options of Magnetometers, Sonar, FLIR, extra air supply or an extended cargo hold of up to 250 litres. The Mk. 1C submersible has a dive depth of 310 feet (95m), a range of 92 miles, and an over-water speed of 10.4 mph and underwater speed of 12.7 mph.

10 Things to Buy If You Won the Lottery Personal Submarine

Garrison Bespoke Bulletproof Suit

Cost: £15,000

With all that money, you’re going to need protection. But rather than employ your own SWAT team, Canadian based suit makers Garrison Bespoke have designed a peak lapel, pinstriped navy blue suit that is 30 times stronger than steal. The technology involved is used for US troop uniforms in Iraq and works by lining carbon fibre nanotubes within the fabric that will harden on impact with bullets and knives. Safety first.

10 Things to Buy If You Won the Lottery Bulletproof Suit

Zafirro Iridium Razor

Cost: £65,000

Money can make you more attractive to some people, sure. But you’re still going to need to keep yourself presentable. Which is why recommend grooming with this Zafirro Iridium Razor. It doesn’t have eight blades, it doesn’t vacuum your hair, and it certainly doesn’t use lasers to trim. It’s simply got two sapphire blades that have a cutting edge 5,000 times thinner than a human hair. It also costs £65,000…

10 Things to Buy If You Won the Lottery Zafirro Iridium Razor

Jetlev Flyer JF-260

Cost: £70,000

While we’re still holding out for an airborne jetpack, the aquatic cousin is very much a real thing. The Jetlev Flyer JF-260 pumps out water with 260 horsepower, propelling Joes up to 30ft into the stratosphere. Necessary? No. But a worthy lottery spend? Without question.

10 Things to Buy If You Won the Lottery Jetlev Flyer

Method-2 Robot Suit

Cost: £6.75 Million

Jetpacks are good. Submarines are great. You know what’s better? A personal 13ft gigantic robot suit is what! The Method-2 Robot Suit is made by South Korean robotics experts Hankook Mirae. Standing at 13ft tall and weighing in at no less than 1.5 tons, the suits come with controllable limbs, all controlled via a centralised cockpit – just like the ones in Pacific Rim. The Hankook Mirae mechanic suit not only resembles some of the sci-fi film greats, it also functions like one, allowing users to explore territories too dangerous for humans to pass unprotected. Or you could just head to Tesco is it – your call.

10 Things to Buy If You Won the Lottery Robot Suit



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