2020 iPhone Photography Award winners announced

The iPhone and other smartphones have enabled a whole new breed of photography to emerge. No longer do you need to biggest latest camera to take amazing images. In the right hands, a smartphone is all you need. This is demonstrated perfectly with 2020 iPhone Photography Awards.

Yesterday, the winners of the 2020 iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) were announced. 2020 marks the 13th Annual Awards with global submissions from thousands of photographers.

Dozens of winning photographs reflect powerful worldviews, from vast landscapes to a single tree, from city streets to remote desolation, from toil and hardship to a private moment in the sun.

The Grand Prize Winner and Photographer of the Year Award went to street photographer Dimpy Bhalotia from the United Kingdom for her image Flying Boys. In it, three boys take flight from a wall into the Ganges River, “their expressive limbs filling the sky with both tension and exuberance.”

First, Second and Third Place Photographer of the Year Awards go to Artyom Baryshau of Belarus with No Walls, where blue stripes fade into an even bluer sky; Geli Zhao of China for an untitled image of sheets catching wind on a cloudy day; and Saif Hussain of Iraq with Sheikh Of Youth, a portrait of an elderly man caught between aspects of himself.

Top-three winners in an additional 18 categories were awarded to photographers from almost every corner of the world, including Australia, Bahrain, Belarus, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

You can view all the winners and many more submissions here.

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