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3Doodler Drawing Pen

Prepare to be amazed. The 3Doodler is the worlds first, and so far the only, 3D printing pen. And with a potential only limited by your imagination, who knows where this could take us.

Produced by US firm WobbleWorks, the 3Doodler incorporates technology that heats and cools the ‘ink’ (which is ABS/PLA plastic used in many 3D printers) enabling you to melt and solidify as you go. The result is the ability to create just about any shape in 3D in a multitude of available colours.

The 3Doodler contains an electric heater powered by the mains, which will heat the ABS plastic and this then ooozes out of the end of the pen like a cross between a playdough gun and a cake icer, then a tiny fan in the nib cools the plastic as it comes out making it solidify really fast, and as a result hold its shape.


The scheme was popular from inception, having originally launched on Kickstarter in order to raise $30,000, the product attracted this amount of pledges in just a few hours and went on to raise over $2 million. The technology may not be limited to just creative work on plastic, with glue and repair, as well as food being potential markets.

You can pre-order now (with shipping worldwide) for just over £60 ($99) and at the moment anticipated delivery is February 2014.



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