With the UK heatwave showing no signs of letting up, we’re going to need help staying cool. Obviously keeping hydrated and opening some windows once in a while will help your cooling cause, but sometimes you just need that bit extra. With that in mind, here’s the best fans on the market to help you stay cool his summer!

5 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer: The Fan Edit

Igenix DF0030

Website: Amazon
Price: £36

For something cheap, simple and effective, look no further than the Igenix DF0030. It may not be the fanciest of fans with some boring old buttons, manual timers, and no remote, but it does provide a serious blast without too much noise and will do the job all summer long. It’s also portable which is very handy if you need cooling down in your conservatory or garage, as well as you living room.

Ways to Keep Cool This Summer Fans Edit 2017 Igenix

Dyson Cool Desk AM06

Website: Dyson
Price: £250

On the other end of the scale, if you want something as gorgeous to look at as it is effective, the Dyson Cool Desk AM06 can’t be beaten. Coming with no visible fan blades, you’d struggle to know what the AM06 was by simply looking at it. Featuring an empty circular tunnel, this fan will cool you down in no time and will make next to no racket in the process. Dyson achieves all this wizardry by using ‘Air Multiplier’ technology which involves a vertically-facing fast spinning blade in the base of the unit. It may be on the more dear side of things, but this is no ordinary fan.

Ways to Keep Cool This Summer Fans Edit 2017 Dyson

Honeywell Quiet Set Tower Fan

Website: Argos
Price: £74.99

For something in between budgets, Honeywell’s impressive range of tower fans always make a good purchase. But as most of us need a fan most during the night, the Honeywell Quiet Set Fan could be a godsend. We’re not majorly keen on the design, but it features five cooling settings – from whisper quiet up to turbo performance – and also comes with a controller and an easy-to-use control panel with a timer that allows Joes to program the fan for one, two, four or eight hours of cooling.

Ways to Keep Cool This Summer Fans Edit 2017 Honeywell

Swan Retro Desk Fan

Website: Tesco
Price: £56

If you’re stuck in the office and the air-con has long gone, this Swan Retro Desk Fan will be a godsend. The fan is part of Swan’s range of stylish, retro-look home accessories, and while it’s not got the aesthetic of say the Dyson, this 12-inch fan comes with three speed settings and you won’t get too much noise pollution either. Perfect for the work environment.

Ways to Keep Cool This Summer Fans Edit 2017 Swan

Vornado 633

Website: Conrad Electronic
Price: £69.99

If you’re after power, Vornado should be your first port of call. Vornado are one of the most popular fan brands in the US and the 633 is one of their stalwarts. With the ability to move air up to 75 feet, this is no ordinary household fan. The 633 uses Vornado’s signature energy efficient Vortex Technology to fully circulate all the air in the room, eliminating hot and cold spots. Ideal for small to mid-size rooms, such as a bedroom, kitchen or office, it also operates at a near whisper-quiet level.

Ways to Keep Cool This Summer Fans Edit 2017 Vornado



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