For those Joes who like their gaming retro, we think you may be interested in this gaming controller with a difference. Brought to you by the company that introduced a Retro Receiver for the NES and the SNES, the AP40 goes back even further with this Bluetooth controller paying homage to the Apple II!

8Bitdo AP40 Apple II Gaming Controller

Put simply the AP40 is a Bluetooth controller inspired by Apple’s original retro logo. But really it’s much more than that. Compatible with all your big hitter including iOS, Android, PC and Mac, the AP 40 by 8Bitdo can be connected to the company’s many various Retro Receivers which enable Joes of today connect with the games of yesterday.

Apple recently celebrated their 40th birthday and the AP40 is 8Bitdo’s way of honouring the impact the brand has had on the gaming over the years. And if you’re at all familiar with the Apple II, you’ll know just how many games were on the system.

8Bitdo AP40 Retro Wireless Controller 3
With the AP40 Bluetooth controller, you’ll also get a rather awesome mini aluminium replica of the Apple II base. As well as being able to hold your AP40, it can also connect to your smart phone or tablet. The Receivers themselves won’t give you the games but we do like the idea of gaming on an Apple II with an Apple II-designed controller!

The AP40 retro gaming controller by 8Bitdo is unsurprisingly being funded over at Kickstarter. You can get hold of the Controller and the Receiver for £65 or the Controller on its own for just £38. Head over to the AP40 Kickstarter Website for more details.

8Bitdo AP40 Retro Wireless Controller 2



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