A New 360 World – Rioch Theta Camera

The world of 360 and virtual reality may not have taken off just yet, but it’s only a matter of time before major industries start utilising the new technology. Cameras are cheaper than ever and what you can do with them is ever increasing. We grabbed the new Rioch Theta S to find out just what you can.

The first thing you notice about the Theta Rioch is just how tiny it is – thus making it the perfect summer foil for your travels. It is smaller than pocket size and on a recent trip to Ibiza I took it pretty much everywhere we went – just because I could.

There are many possibilities and uses for a 360 camera –
You can take a 360 degree still image which when used or posted online (including FB), allows viewers to see exactly what you see from every angle. This is great for showing off a room, a holiday, a beach or pretty much anything else.
You can also take a 360 degree video. The same premise as the above but it is shooting live video at all times – this is great for moving scenes and a more immersive experience, and you don’t need us to tell you which industry is already using this tech to great affect!

On both of the above, you can view by scrolling or you can using a virtual reality process (Glasses or Single vision) which will allow the screen to move as you move – giving the feeling of you being exactly in the room or place as the video. Turn your head and the camera turns it’s view point. All very cool stuff.

The other little feature of this camera is its ability to jump on the new summer fad called tiny planet – where through your 360 degree image you can export this to what is ultimately a little sphere showing EVERYTHING in your picture. This allows you to put the picture on Instagram and the possibilities are endless when you think of the angles you can create as well as the people and things within them!

Ultimately 360 degree cameras are becoming a more accessible and fun way to take images. Have fun this summer and see what you can create.

You can buy the camera right now on Amazon for just £299. #NowitsSummer

This post is kindly sponsored by Amazon who supplied us with the camera.

It's a Tiny World - 360 Picture