With vinyl sales going through the roof, it’s only natural that tech companies are getting more ingenious with the ways they want us to play our LPs. Well, the best vinyl player concept we’ve seen basically ever is this incredible RokBlok – the world’s first infinitely portable, wireless record player which spins around your records instead of the records around it.

A New Spin on Vinyl: The RokBlok LP Player

The RokBlok is the world’s smallest wireless record player, which plays your favourite records by lightly riding on top of them. It does comes with in-built speakers so you can try LPs before you buy, and it can also wirelessly connect to your Bluetooth speakers or headphones within 30 feet for a bigger and crisper sound.

The RokBlok is the creation of Pink Donut, a technology concept company based in San Francisco. Specialising in developing ‘out-of-the-box ideas’, their creations range from 3D audio dramas, to city sized board games, to blinking lights. As the company’s website says, ‘We have a mission to build things as awesome as they are random.’

RokBlok Vinyl LP Player
Using the RokBlok is incredibly simple. Simply place the device on top of a record and pull the lever to start playing your tunes. To stop – just hold your hand above the moving record player. That’s it.

While we doubt the in-built speakers are actually any good given the size of the thing, we do see how it could be useful when going record shopping. The RokBlok probably isn’t going to change the way we listen to vinyl at home, but it’s still undeniable cool regardless of how much use you’ll actually get out of it!

If you’re intrigued by the RokBlok as much as we are, head over to the RokBlok Kickstarter Website now where the concept has already smashed its target with well over a month to go. You can get hold of one for around £60 ($79) but shipping isn’t expected until September 2017. Let’s hope it’s worth the wait!

RokBlok Vinyl LP Player 1



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