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Albert Digital Clock

We love a bit of unique design here at Average Joes, which is why the Albert Clock has caught our attention. Albert is an LED digital wall clock that keeps your brain active by giving you the time in the form of sums. For example, 1+1 : 33+2 would equate to 02:35. Get it!?

The idea is being sold on crowd-funding website Indiegogo and the idea is to help the improvement of mathematical skills for you but mainly for your kids in a playful way. Simply by reading the time.

The better you get at telling the time, the more you can challenge Albert. Just like in a video game, you can change the difficulty of the sums. Addition and subtraction, multiplication and division can be practiced on four levels of difficulty.

A Level 1 clock challenge could be as simple as 4+4 : 32-1, which would equate to 08:31. But the challenges get harder and a Level 4 could be as difficult as 9/3+6 : 5×8-5, which OBVIOUSLY would be 09:35!

The advantages for kids are fairly obvious but the makers of the Albert clock aren’t going to get too many kids surfing the web for a wall clock. As such, the makers of the Albert have designed something which we think is a genuinely cool bit of design.

Albert can be used both on walls and on a table if you so choose. All you’ll need is an AC outlet close by. If it’s going on your wall, there’s a 3m long textile cable and a dedicated wall fixation system thrown into the package so you can shove it up with relative ease.

After much deliberation, we’re still not sure what to make of the Albert clock. We love the design and think it would suit any contemporary home, but we’re still not sold on the idea that it’s made for kids. And if it is, we’re not sure we’d be willing to pay around £115 ($175) for a children’s clock. But if you’re more convinced that we are, head over to the Albert Indiegogo Page!




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