We’re always interested in a piece of multi-functional tech here at Average Joes, no matter how pointless and arbitrary the link between the functions may be. But one example where the functions may actually link is this ICE cooler box/juggernaut speaker by Alpine USA, a multi-media innovation company stateside.

Alpine ICE Cooler/Speaker

The Alpine ICE In-Cooler Entertainment PWD-CB1, to give it its full name, provides quality audio entertainment while doubling up as a premium, high-capacity Grizzly cooler. Coming with Bluetooth audio connection, this powerful speaker system has been engineered to fill any space with incredibly rich sound, while also keeping your food and drinks on ice for the long haul.

The speaker cabinet on the ICE has been strategically designed to distribute air through unused areas of the Grizzly cooler body, which means it can maximize its sound output and performance while retaining around 65 litres of capacity… or the equivalent to storing 72 large tins of beer!

The soundsystem itself doesn’t suffer from the dual-functionality either. With Bluetooth connectivity from up to 30 feet away, the Alpine ICE comes with high-powered 90W x 2 amplifiers to sustain high output levels while maintaining a warm, immersive vocal range and thick, impactful bass. It also features 5.25” high dynamic range woofers, 1” high output tweeters, and two 4” x 8” bass radiators below the woofers to create remarkable bass response without sacrificing storage space for the important stuff.

Alpine Ice Cooler Speaker 4
There’s a sleek control panel in-built into the cooler’s body with simple controls like volume and power while quickly connecting you to a Bluetooth enabled device. Also when you plug a device into the Aux-in jack, the Alpine ICE automatically switches sources so you don’t have to fiddle with any controls.

While the Alpine ICE cooler/speaker is naturally targeted at the US tailgating culture, at closer inspection there are plenty of functions for it here in the UK. Whether you’re camping or just throwing an outdoor party in the summer, the ICE couldn’t be more functional.

If you need a multi-functional ice cooler in your life and think the Alpine ICE could be the one for you, head over to the Alpine USA Website where you can get hold of this juggernaut for a mere £1,250 ($1,500).

Alpine Ice Cooler Speaker 2
Alpine Ice Cooler Speaker 3



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