It’s not the only new gadget that Amazon announced this week at a surprise event in Seattle – there’s a revamped, cheaper Echo, a more powerful Echo Plus, and a HDR-friendly Fire TV — but the Amazon Echo Spot seems to be getting all the headlines.

The New Spot Is Amazon's Most Functional Echo Yet

The Echo Spot is essentially a smaller version of the Echo Show, a voice-controlled Alexa which comes complete with a touchscreen and video calling. The Spot version compacts things a little, with a 2.5-inch screen encased in a rounder design that allows it to double as an alarm clock. It also comes with a built in camera for security or nursery viewing.

If you’re not acquainted with the Amazon Echo, let’s gives you a little run-down. As well as being used for playing music and other audio, the Echo has found success mainly through its use of a virtual assistant named Alexa. She answers questions and performs voice-activated tasks, taking speakers into the next level of functionality.


The touchscreen Echo Show was the next logical progression in the technology. But though it looked great, there were some question marks around its functionality as an everyday piece of kit. The new Echo Spot on the other hand is all about functionality, with Amazon hoping customers will buy multiple Spots and scatter them around the house.

In terms of features, the Spot has everything you could possibly want from a domestic piece of technology. As well as a built-in speaker, you can get the weather, watching video news, set alarms, and even connect it to other elements of a smart home, such as connected lights or thermostats.


Interestingly, it also features a camera with Amazon suggesting the Spot could replace the baby monitors and the like. Like the other Echo devices, it can be controlled via voice to play music from Amazon and Spotify, and it can also make hands free calls too.

The Amazon Echo Spot is available to pre-order now in the US from Amazon with orders expected to be shipped sometime in December. Annoyingly the UK and Germany will have to wait but only until early next year. The Spot is priced at $129 in the US, much less than the $229 Echo Show, and we’d expected similar prices to the pound when it finally arrives across the Atlantic.




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