Amazon are hoping queues at the supermarket are now a thing of the past with the opening of their new app-enabled store, which allows shoppers to simply walk out with their groceries. It’s called Amazon Go and the Seattle store welcomed its first visitors this week.

Amazon Go Store Opens in Seattle

The Amazon Go store in Seattle opened on Monday and it’s causing quite a stir. The idea is simple enough; customers walk into a shop, take what they want, and leave without having to part with any cash. Once they leave the store, a receipt is sent digitally and their Amazon account is billed.

So how do Amazon know what you’ve taken? Well, Amazon have installed some nifty sensor technology that detects items taken off the shelves and keeps track of them in a virtual shopping cart. Similar to those used in self-driving vehicles, the sensors automatically notice when items are removed or put back, in relation to the shopper’s smartphone.


The first store to open in Seattle is located near the corner of Seventh Avenue and Blanchard Street, and covers 1,800 square feet. It offers all the usuals you’d expect from the likes of a Tesco Metro with grocery essentials, snacks and meal kits, as well as fresh food prepared by on-site chefs.

Amazon do also employ sales assistants at the store purely for assistance and re-stacking shelves. The Amazon Go app is compatible with recent iPhone and Android phones, and completely free to download. Once used to scan entry into the store, the device can be put away while shopping.

The Amazon Go store is a pretty incredible concept – and while there are naturally queues to get in at the moment – once the novelty dies down, it could be a really convenient way to save time – especially if you’re on a quick lunch run. Head over to the Amazon Website to see more info.




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