We all know the frustration waiting for a delivery can cause. Either you waste a day waiting around or take a chance only to have to pop down to the sorting office the other side of town. But Amazon are looking to change all that waiting with a one hour service called Prime Now.

Amazon Prime Now One Hour Delivery

Prime Now has just launched in London – where all the important people live – and will provide one hour deliveries providing you live in one of the inner-London postcodes that Amazon cater for. Order, write a blog post and your by the time you’re done, you’ll have your new toy!

The service has been available in the States for six months now with some reportedly very successful results. Initially Amazon won’t be offering its full stock but you’ll still have a choice of 10,000 items. Not bad. The items you can purchase range from food and drink to toilet paper to gadgets.

In order to sign up to the service, you’ll have to be a member of Amazon Prime – which costs £79 a year – and you’ll also have to pay a £6.99 delivery charge. So it’s probably going to need to be urgent if you’re going to use it. Still, if you’re anything like us it’s perfect for forgotten birthdays!

The postcodes Amazon are delivering to are a little limited at the moment with even places like Camden, which is in the heart zone one, not catered for. But Amazon has promised that by the end of the year it will reach the rest of London and “additional UK cities”.

Each order needs to be at least £20 and you’ll need to get the dedicated Amazon Prime Now app on your iOS or Android device. If you think you’d could maybe wait that extra house, there’s also a two-hour window from anytime between 8am and midnight on any day of the week and Amazon will ship it for free as well!

It seems like this may be the future of logistics and it’s no surprise Amazon is at the forefront of it. Check out the Prime Now Website for a full list of postcodes, which are getting updated daily.



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