Forever attempting to streamline their last-mile delivery options, Amazon has announced a small self-driving delivery robot named ‘Scout’ that rolls packages to customers’ homes. The robot is currently being tested over in the US by an Amazon employee with hopes that it can be rolled worldwide in the future.

Amazon Reveal ‘Scout’ Robot Delivery Trials

The Amazon Scout is a new, fully-electric delivery system designed to safely get packages to customers using autonomous delivery devices. Around the size of a cool box, Amazon says the Scout will roll along pathways at walking pace and is currently being put to the test in a neighbourhood in Snohomish County, Washington.

So how will Amazon Scout delivery work? Well, in in its trials, customers order from the website just as they normally would, with the same delivery options including. There are currently six Scout devices delivering packages Monday to Friday, during daylight hours.

Amazon assures everyone that the Scout can safely navigate around the likes of pets, pedestrians and anything else in their path. But while the devices will autonomously follow a delivery route, during the trials they are initially being accompanied by an Amazon employee to ensure everything runs smoothly.

There’s no date as to when, or even if, the Amazon Scout will be universally available as a courier. But it’s certainly not beyond the realms to think something similar could be with us in the next couple of year once the likes of security has been tried and tested. Find out more over at the Amazon Website.


It’s not only packages which could soon be delivered by robots. Italian architect Carlo Ratti has unveiled a driverless vehicle called ‘Guido’ that can make on-demand cocktails for city-dwellers wherever they may be in seconds.



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