Last updated on June 30th, 2017 at 10:40 am

Amazon ‘Echo Show’ Gives Alexa a Touchscreen

Amazon has just unveiled the new version of its Echo speaker and accompanying Alexa intelligent assistant. Only this time, rather than just a speaker, the Echo comes complete with a touchscreen and video calling. Introducing the Amazon Echo Show.

The voice-controlled Amazon Echo Show fuses all the amazing features of the original Echo along with the pros of having a touchscreen. That means as well as being able to control smart home devices, shop online, and ask Alexa questions, the tablet-style Show also allows Joes to make video or audio calls to anyone else who has an Echo or the Alexa app.

If you’re not acquainted with the Amazon Echo, or the Dot for that matter, you should be. Apart from the overall quality of the audio, the speakers have found success mainly through their use of a virtual assistant named Alexa. She answers questions and performs voice-activated tasks, taking the humble speaker to the next level of functionality.

Amazon Echo Show 1

The Echo Show features a 7-inch touch screen, a 5MP forward-facing camera and even some Dolby speakers. It can make video calls to designated contacts, as well as play content from YouTube and other apps. The touchscreen also allows users to send text messages and make audio only calls to users of other Amazon Echo devices.

Among other things, Amazon have also suggested the new Echo could also be used to replace your existing home security technology, such as baby monitors and front door video cameras. And to be honest, we can’t see any reason that isn’t the next obvious step for a technology that seems to have really hit a chord with the average Joe.

The Amazon Echo Show will be available in the States from the 28th June and is priced at $229 (£177). As of yet, Amazon hasn’t announced a UK release date or price but we’re expecting it sooner rather than later. Head over to the Amazon Website for more details.

Amazon Echo Show 2



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