Apple iPhone 12 – Everything you need to know

The worst kept secret in tech is finally here. A whole month later than we’re used to. Say hello to the new 5G enabled iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini.

The overall design of the iPhone has been the same since the 2017 iPhone X and the rounded design has been around since the iPhone 6! All that has changed today with the iPhone 12 and its new square design. It harks back to the iPhone 4 that we all loved but in a much more modern form factor and a new small 5.4″ size.

What’s new?

Beyond the design, a lot has changed compared to the iPhone 11. The headline feature is 5G allowing much faster download speeds and faster gaming providing you live in an area with 5G.

The screens are sort of new too. The 12 has inherited the OLED screen from last year’s pro which is a big change. Especially for someone like me who went from an iPhone X with the OLED screen to an iPhone 11 without it. I missed the deeper blacks and better colours. I almost sent my phone back for just that reason. The bezels are also thinner meaning the overall size of the phones are smaller than last year making the front of the phone look more modern yet familiar.

Apple has also massively improved the strength of the new screens meaning you’ll be less likely get that cracked screen after a small drop thanks to a new ceramic construction. They claim 4x better drop resistance as well as improved dust and water resistance.

The cameras get a slight improvement. The ultrawide camera is now faster and will be able to use Apple’s excellent night mode feature. The night mode is in fact available on very camera so yes you can can now take night mode selfies. Great for when we can actually stay out past 10pm! The iPhone 11 already had some of the best cameras in any smartphone and the slight improvement here is a welcome one.

Inside the iPhone 12 gets the latest A14 Bionic system on a chip. The iPhone 11 reigned supreme in the smart phone world as it has the fastest chip out there. Now Apple have once again upped the ante with the A14. Day to day you’ll probably not notice much difference but it’ll be faster for gaming and heavy duty tasks like photo/video editing. It’s also expected to less power hungry so battery life won’t be affected as a result.

Finally it gets better wireless charging with MagSafe. Built into the phone is a hidden ring of magnets that will allow compatible chargers to simply snap onto the back of the phone. This means you’ll never put your phone on the charger the wrong way and find out later that it hasn’t charged. It also means accessories like cases fit in a different way and you can even get a slim card wallet that just snaps in place on the back of the phone.