Apple iPhone 12 Mini hands on

There are new phones launches and there are iPhone launches. Nothing seems to capture the attention like a new phone from Apple. The iPhone 12 was launched last month but the new smaller Mini has only just started to arrive with people. We managed to get our hands on one to see if the smaller form factor is all its hyped up to be.

Phones keep getting bigger but our hands are still the same as they’ve always been. That, for many, poses a problem. If you have relatively small hands then the latest and greatest smart phones are just not that nice to use. The iPhone 12 Mini might just be antidote many of us have been waiting for.

The version we have here is the 64Gb iPhone 12 Mini in blue. It’s a great colour. Maybe not one I’d personally pick but very cool nonetheless. It’s darker in real life than it appears in Apple’s promo pictures and actually looks better to my eyes.

It sits really well in the hand and every corner is easily reached with just my thumb. This is the first iPhone that I’ve held in a while that feels ideal for single hand typing.

Despite the small size, the screen isn’t small. At 5.4 inches, it is bigger than many older iPhones but the edge to edge design means the phone isn’t bigger. It’s actually only marginally bigger than the original iPhone SE. A phone that many people consider to be the best sized iPhone to date.

I think this new form factor will be ideal for people with smaller hands and will be even better for females. I’ve been told by many people that they don’t want a new iPhone because they are too big but those same people now want the 12 Mini.

Overall the 12 Mini is an interesting device. It packs some serious power without feeling oversized. It’ll easily fit into a front pocket without giving you that ugly bulge.