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Apple – Is it a bird, is it a plane...

Update –
Interestingly Jason Calacanis (@Jason) has broke today he has been a beta Apple Tablet tester. And before you laugh this off, the guy is the founder of some off the biggest tech stuff out there including Weblogs, TechCrunch50 and Engadget. Although he hasn’t put up any pic’s he is reporting;

  • Two sizes. one about double the size of an iPhone and one is 20% smaller than a Macbook air
  • Wireless charging using optional base station
  • Facial Recognition (really?!)
  • Multiple tablet connections via Wi-Fi
  • Nitendo Wii innovation for games
  • Built in HDTV tuner
  • Two cameras, front and back
  • Short battery life if playing games, though a solar charger…

Is it all true? He also said 3 guys dropped it off 10 days ago as he is doing a press release with CNBC tomorrow. WOW, let us know your thoughts.

Well the rumour mill probably started over 5 years ago, and today we are still none this wiser, but this evening will we finally find out what Apple are going to pull out of their shiny little bag of tricks?

There is probably no one better in the tech world at creating a buzz and a storm than Apple, ‘conveniently’ dropped leaks at various times, unprecedented gossip on blogs and social media sites such as twitter, but never quite enough to let you know exactly what they are talking about.

SO what do we know;

  • At 18:00 GMT Apple will be holding a press conference in San Francisco to launch a new product
  • We believe the code-name for this project has been K48
  • Chances are it will be a gigantic iPhone, also known as a tablet

You could argue that with a total worldwide market of less than £600 million per year, it may not even be a tablet. But then you could also argue that the tablet market now, is not all that dis-similar to the MP3 Player market all those years ago before the birth of the iPod

A few pictures surfaced on Engadget this morning, for me they are a bit coincidental to be the real-deal, leaked on the morning of the announcement but who knows. Go check them out if you fancy it.

Price wise, if it is a tablet you could be looking in the region of £400 – £800. Which sounds a lot, especially when added to your i-Phone and your laptop… All we currently know for certain is Apple has billed the new gadget as “a major new product”.

We will of course have more information as it is released, and do let us know if you would pay a premium for a potential ‘Apple Tablet’…



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