Apple sued over iPad Overheating

Apple sued over iPad Overheating

Apple to be sued by iPad users

3 Apple customers have filed a complaint with a federal court in America after buying their iPads which over heat in normal conditions and under normal usage. Jacob Balthazar, Claudia Keller and John Brownin claim the tablet is “virtually unusable” and can cut out after only a few minutes of use in direct sunlight.

They accuse Apple of a variety of breaches, from “misleading and deceptive advertising” to various breaches of business and consumer protection law. It also brings specifics to the false marketing claim that the iPad is “just like reading a book”. They claim “Books do not close when a reader is enjoying them in sunlight”.

Lawyers behind the complaint are seeking class action status, meaning they could take action on behalf of all affected iPad users.

The iPad’s instruction booklet warns the device could stop working if it is used in temperatures above 95F (35C) and users have even taken to placing their iPad in the fridge…

Do you have an iPad and have been affected? Or know anyone who has? let us know in the comments below.



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