Revolutionary or Revolting Apple?

Why Apple Disappointed, Yet Again

Revolutionary or Revolting Apple?

WWDC 2012 has brought us little surprises, in fact, there has been quite a Apple WWDC 2012 Backlash. I can’t think of a single announcement that has raised an eyebrow, let alone piqued significant interest. Whilst I am never separated from my iPhone or iPad, I am absolutely no Macolyte, but can say I am open to persuasion by their new products. Or, should I say, I would be open to persuasion by their new products if there were any…

The keynote speech delivered by Tim Cook, Jobs’ seemingly underwhelming successor, was longer than average. From our point of view, that was the only thing that exceeded the average this year. What was announced was the next generation of MacBook Pro, iOS6 news, Mountain Lion OSX


Hailed as the bridge between the growing gulf between Apple and Facebook, with heavy integration of Facebook, allowing native status updates and integration of the ‘like’ system into iTunes and the AppStore.

Maps – Google Maps gets lost. Apple’s own new map software will be hitting iOS devices with the update. Differences include a Yelp based search function, 3D rendering, turn-by-turn navigation (powered by TomTom) and Siri integration. Siri, the ever useless battery draining tool can plot routes for you and find points along the way too.

Siri – this also gets an update with some new languages thrown into the mix, although still unlikely to come with Scottish. It’ll also now integrate functionality with Rotten Tomatoes, Yelp, and OpenTable. The update also gives it an expanded knowledge of certain lacking areas such as sports restaurants and movies (funny that!). It’s also coming to the iPad, and should be integrated into cars on the dashboard soon too.

Apple IDs – these will now link across devices more fluidly, allowing facetime calls on iPods or iPhones by registering numbers to them. Speaking of which, FaceTime now will work over a minumum of 3G network, not just WiFi. Oh, and a new Apple App – Passbook, an app storing digital tickets and boarding passes, etc.

Google Maps has always been the best mapping system bar none, Apple are taking a huge risk going it alone. Siri, sucking battery like no tomorrow, and very little search functionally outside the US mean it’s a lose lose for us here in the UK. And don’t forget this won’t be available for 3 plus months! Unless you fancy the developer route.

MacBook Pro

We actually planned on buying a new 13 inch for the office, but alas we can’t. Whether a shortage of time, or a lack of balls. Apple have gone for gradual updates. A new 15 inch beast hits the shelves, but the 13 sees just internal upgrades, and the 17 disappears all together.

The new 15, features a retina display which looks as good as you’d expect, and every effort has gone in to making this as thin and light as a size 0 catwalk model… here are her stats: 0.71 inches tall, 4.5 lbs, a display of 2880 x 1800, HDMI, SD card reader, 2 Thunderbolt ports, 2 USB 3.0/2.0, a SSD, up to 16gb memory and a quad-core Ivy Bridge chip. Oh, and of course you won’t be finding that disk drive any more…

It’s nearly like Apple don’t trust their new MacBook, they will still offer the old 15 and 13, with a few internal upgrades, just seems a little half cocked to us?

Mountain Lion OSX
– updated support for iCloud, document syncing across Apple software, Dictation, Air Play, a new notification system and link the Game Center are the big changes here. Really, it just links closer with the more mobile of Apple devices.

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Really, its more of a basic upgrade. Once Apple proved it could mass produce retina displays on a larger scale for the iPad it should have taken no time at all to connect it to the next sized device. iOS got a needed upgrade, but a heavier inclusion of Facebook suggests that there isn’t going to be anything revolutionary, more just something similar to what iOS5 underwent with Twitter.

The rest of it is really just in line with the development other hardware producers are making, just with a much greater fanfare and delivered to a huge crowd at the WWDC – an event I’d like to remind you, which is filled predominantly with developers and fanboys who make their livings from the company, so naturally great reports will be coming out of it.

I would say that what we have seen keeps Apple and their main products firmly in the midst of the market, pushing only 2 major unique selling points over its competitors in Siri and Retina displays. This is not a revolution. This was no iPod launch, no new iTV, no new iPhone, nothing that turns heads and nothing that will send the masses to queue outside their stores. Nothing that will push development forwards by the leaps we had previously come to expect under Jobs.

Samsung are pushing the mobile market with their Galaxy S3, HTC are chomping at the bit with the HTC One X, ASUS are hitting hard with their Transformer Prime, Smart TVs have all but eradicated the Apple TV… If Apple stays still much longer they definitely stand the risk of becoming rotten.




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