Aqua Earphone Amplifier

If you’re really into your music, you’ll know how sound quality can be issue when you’re listening through your smartphone. While HD tracks are now readily available, most earphones on the market simply can’t handle them. Rather than forking out large amounts on a pair of headphones you’re too scared to use, you might be interested in the Aqua headphone amplifier.

Aqua is the world’s only battery-free amplifier especially designed for headphones. The Aqua connects directly to mobile devices like phones and tablets seamlessly offering high quality music anytime, anywhere.

Pretty much all music played out of a phone, regardless of initial quality, comes out as 16bit/48kHz music. With the Aqua amplifier, the built-in high quality DAC supports 24bit/192kHz. That’s a pretty big leap from something so small!

The size of it makes it appear as an extension of the earphone and it’s also incredibly light at only 16g, so you shouldn’t even really notice you’re using it. The Aqua needs no battery, so charging is never an issue either. All you need to do is connect it and it will run off the power from your phone.

As is usually the way, the simplest ideas are the best and something this small and light that can provide unrivalled sound quality gets the thumbs up from us. We’re not mad about the design – it’s a little too futuristic for us – but it’s hardly offensive!

The Aqua is being sold on Kickstarter, much like anything cool these days. It comes either Lightning compatible for iPhones or Micro-USB for Android and is being sold for around £40 ($59) with a scheduled shipping date of November. If you care about your music, we think it’s well worth the investment.