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ArcaBoard Hoverboard

If you’re regular readers of our stuff, you’ll know that like many Joes we’re slightly obsessed with the idea of hoverboards and don’t think we can really ever say “the future is here” until we see a legitimate one. Which is why the ArcaBoard has got us excited… sort of.

To simply look at the ArcaBoard might not give you tingles like a Marty McFly hoverboard should but for our money it’s probably the most hoverboard-y thing we’ve seen on the market to date.

It looks a bit like a gigantic bar of floating soap but the engineering that went into it is quite impressive. It’s made by Arca Space Corporation and roughly 90% of the internal space in the ArcaBoard is taken up by 36 electric ducted fans and lithium-polymer batteries which cram in 272 horsepower.

ArcaBoard Hoverboard 1
The makers of the ArcaBoard say it will lift Joes up 20-30cm off the ground and from there you can surf around to your hearts content at speeds of up to around 12mph. Be warned, though, with all those fans running Arca say that the machine can get pretty loud – 92dBm to be exact and around the same as a standard lawnmower.

The ArcaBoard is said to have a stabilisation system built-in that keeps it level, and Joes will have the option of controlling the movement of the board via an accompanying App or simply by leaning with your body. Check out a demo video below.

While movement on the ArcaBoard does look a bit cumbersome, we reckon it’s still hard to argue that this isn’t the looks most legitimate true hoverboard around at the moment. The problem is the ArcaBoard will only fly for six minutes at a time and recharge the batteries can take up to six hours. Not the most convenient of things then…

The price of the ArcaBoard will probably make your eyes water too as Arca Space are selling the thing for around £14,000 ($20,000). You can get a special quick charging dock that will charge it in 35mins but that’ll cost you an extra £3,000 ($4,500) on top!

The ArcaBoard is up for pre-order now with an expected shipping date of April this year. While we’d love this to work, we say keep cautious. Check out more details on the Arca Space Website.

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