Floating homes are undeniably cool. But while most designs focus on opulence and luxury amenities, Miami-based Arkup are designing their versions for a real practical purpose. In response to rising sea levels, Arkup’s moveable floating homes will be able to withstand full-on hurricanes, bobbing on then water when water levels rise during a storm.

Arkup's Floating Homes Will Be Fully Hurricane-Resistant

Designed in partnership with architect Koen Olthuis, the Arkup floating home will be able to survive winds of up to 150moh thanks to a hydraulic system that will anchor and stabilise the houses during storms. When water levels rise, the home can be lifted 40ft above the ocean floor to prevent flooding.

As comfortable and safe as a house on land, the ‘Liveable Yachts’ as they’ve been called can cruise silently in the bay or stay stationary in a marina. Each home features 2 floors, 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, as well as fully functioning kitchen and terrace area. Naturally, they’re all decked out in modern furnishings too.


The Arkup floating homes are also environmentally friendly, powered entirely by solar panels on the roof. They also feature systems that collect and purify rainwater for plumbing. To us, they seem like a great solution to a very real problem. But unsurprisingly, a floating home with these sorts of technical features doesn’t come cheap…

The Arkup hurricane-proof ‘Liveable Yacht’ is expected to cost just over £1.6million ($2million). There are currently plans to start selling them in the summer of 2018, with the first prototype expected to be built on the Miami River early next year. Head over to the Arkup Website for more details.




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