Are Atari About To Release a New Console?

Retro gamers Atari has begun teasing a new product called the Ataribox. There’s a short video doing the rounds, but it’s vague to say the least. So what exactly is the Ataribox? In short, we have no idea!

Alongside a short teaser video that describes the device as ‘a brand new Atari product years in the making’, there’s also been a website set up donning the Atari logo. The website itself is incredibly bare bones and you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a fake. But it’s been confirmed that the Ataribox is an official Atari product.

In terms of what the product actually is, the video does seems to show a retro-styled device in-keeping with the Atari brand, featuring a fake woodgrain and slatted black plastic on top. But really, that’s all we know.


While it is exciting, there’s a whole load of reasons to keep that excitement in check. Atari is far from its glory days and the company does also license its name out for some serious tat too. An Atari-branded smart dog collar was announced last year, for example…

Though Atari seem to have confirmed its legit, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have locked down the console business for so long, it would be incredibly difficult to deliver something of substance that’s not just bought for nostalgia value.

Check out the short Ataribox teaser video below and keep an eye on developments over at the Ataribox Website.