During the summer Atari begun teasing a new product called the Ataribox, saying it was “Years in the making.” But apart from knowing it was a shiny console, things were pretty much left at that. That is until now with announcement that the gaming company will be taking pre-orders for the Ataribox later this week!

Ataribox Pre-Orders Begin This Week

Yes, the Ataribox is now just months away. While there’s been no game details or gaming footage released, we do now know that the retro console will be released ‘late Spring 2018’ and you’ll be able to pre-order it this Thursday (14th December).

The Ataribox will be following in the footsteps of Nintendo‘s recent retro revival, which includes the SNES-style 3DS and the awesome NES and SNES Classic consoles. There’s still no word on the game line-up for Atari’s offerings, but it’s expected to include a handful of classic titles right out of the box, much like Nintendo’s Classic systems.


What is for sure is that the console is a thing a beauty to look at. The device is fully in-keeping with the Atari brand, featuring a fake woodgrain and slatted black plastic geometric design. It undoubtedly has retro hints, but it’s most definitely a contemporary design.


While the Ataribox is exciting, there’s a whole load of reasons to keep that excitement in check. Atari is far from its glory days and the company does also license its name out for some serious tat too. An Atari-branded smart dog collar was announced last year, for example… Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony also have the market locked down, so it would be incredibly difficult to deliver something of substance.

The Ataribox will be released ‘late Spring 2018’ and will be available to order this Thursday 14th December over at the Ataribox Website. Consoles are set to go for somewhere between £190 and £230.




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