As we’ve spoken about many times before, vinyl sales have gone through the roof in recent years and are showing no signs of letting up. This resurgence has meant that the production of turntables is also going through a revival. With that comes new designs and ways of thinking, and one of the most innovative we’ve seen is this ATMO SFERA Platterless Turntable.

ATMO SFERA Platterless Turntable

Engineered by a team of Italians, the ATMO SFERA fuses the finest design and the highest sound quality for vinyl lovers. This revolutionary paradigm in turntable production introduces an almost disappearing platter for something truly contemporary in a retro industry.

The basic design of the turntable has remained the same for about a century. While there’s probably a reason for that, it’s undeniable that classic turntables has its drawbacks; they’re heavy, big and their mechanisms are vulnerable to easy breakage.

ATMO SFERA Platterless Turntable 2
The ATMO SFERA cuts out plenty of that weight and size by reimaging every component used in turntable making – the main redesign being the use of a light and almost invisible platter. It’s small in size, uses a low-torque motor and leaves the record freely floating almost in thin air.

But why go platterless? Put simply, ATMO says it helps with sound quality. Heavy duty builds causes buzzes, noises and muddiness in the audio range due to energy stored into the turntable. Platterless eliminates most of that torque.

ATMO SFERA Platterless Turntable 3
This is no gimmick though, and the ATMO SFERA is built with the finest Italian materials and engineering. Audio quality rivals most high-end systems on the market and you don’t need to set up your cartridge or purchase additional outboard gear such as phono pre-amps or amplifiers (though, you can if you wish). All of these are integrated into the design.

If you like the look of the ATMO SFERA Platterless Turntable as much as we do, head over to their Kickstarter Page where it’s available in Red, Black, Orange, Titan. Only you should know an ATMO doesn’t come cheap – around £720 ($895) to be specific. Deliveries are expected in September this year.

ATMO SFERA Platterless Turntable 1



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