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Atomic Floyd SuperDarts +Remote Review

We have been lucky enough to get our hands on a pair of Atomic Floyd SuperDarts and put them through their paces, a premium pair of in-ear headphones which aim to rival much larger, over the ear sets for sound quality. Before continuing, these headphones retail at £199 so you need to be really into your music to considering buying a pair, read on to see what we think.


Before you even get to the headphones, you are overwhelmed by the quality of the packaging and your expectations of nothing less than a super quality product. The SuperDarts don’t disappoint, they look great, made from stainless steel you can feel that weight in your hand which makes them give you that overall feel of robust and premium. The red cable allows them to stand out, but be subtle at the same time, and the SuperDarts name comes from the finish on each phone, just in-case Phil Taylor needs to throw them straight into each ear. We were slightly worried about the cable sticking straight out of each ear rather than downwards but this isn’t a problem at all as the weight where the single cables join pulls them down into a normal position and they were still comfortable even under a hat.

A stainless steel inline remote control with microphone allows you to use these headphones as hands free and can answer/end calls, pause, play, skip and go back on tracks, as well as adjusting the volume without having to get your phone out. If you do happen to have your phone out, the steel connector is in keeping with the style and feels brilliantly robust, you don’t have to worry about this breaking off or falling to pieces.



Even with that extra build quality, this is where the high price point comes in. Each earphone features two individual speakers in it rather than the standard one to give added layers, bass and volume to your media; which is remarkable considering how compact they are. The two way noise isolation really cocoons you when you are wearing the earphones and also allows you to have a higher volume without disturbing others. Use these on a train with noisy people around and you really can just relax and block it all out, ideal for planes as well with the included adapter. Put a bit of Athlete on and these headphones sound great but switch it over to a little number with some bass and they will absolutely blow you away. The volume and clarity is astonishing and can compete with many of the well known and high end sets of headphones, which is amazing when you consider the size difference.


There are a few minor gripes which you may not expect for such a premium product but nothing major. First of all, you only get three different silicon eartips, and to be honest a couple of other options would improve things, the L seem excessively large and something in-between S and M would certainly have been useful for us.

With the weightiness of these, running can be an issue as they can fall out of your ears, and the weight in the cable can swing around unless it’s under clothing. The former would be solved with a more extensive range of eartips as mentioned above and also, if you are spending this much on a pair of phones to exercise in, you probably have far too much money.


While most of the cable is a Kevlar weave which is great for being anti tangle, the individual cables to each earphone are TPU and can occasionally get tangled. Stuffed in your pocket for hours is absolutely fine but we did lend them out for a few hours and they came back like a birds nest but there is only 1 word needed to describe what happened there; women. It seems like the reason for this difference in cable covering is so that you get less noise from the cable rubbing against your collar on a coat or shirt but undoubtedly people will see this as more of a weakness than strength.

The last issue is the remote control, first of all it’s on the left earphone so the righties out there may find it a bit fiddly and cumbersome. To make things worse, the button is quite small and made of plastic. A metal button in keeping with everything else that had more defined edges would make a massive improvement and probably make it being left sided less of an issue.

Also in the box you get a protective pouch, DJ jack and airplane adapter which finish the product offering off nicely.


Yes there are a few issues and a very premium price point but we absolutely love the SuperDarts. The only challengers for audio quality in this format are of a similar price and they don’t look anywhere near as good or have that same quality feel in the hand. Some with very specific listening requirements may not get on with the SuperDarts but if your general music taste includes anything with bass, you will fall in love instantly and definitely be putting these on your shopping list.

Buy: Atomic Floyd
Price: £199





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