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Axel Soundscape Headphones

We all have different and distinct tastes in music, so it’s probably no surprise that someone has decided to build a headphone that embraces these differences. Soundscapes by Axel are three specifically engineered headphones that are suited to match your listening preferences.

The idea is simple: You combine Axel’s foldable and detachable headbands, soft headband inserts, and cables together with your chosen Soundscape to create a completely personalised Axel Audio experience.

While the headphones all share the same exterior design, the difference between each Soundscape comes down to the inner engineering. Based on your listening preferences, you can choose a Soundscape that will reproduce your favourite type of music with the best possible sound.

Before choosing if you prefer on-ear or over-ear headphones, you’d need to use Axel’s web application to find your Soundscape. Powered by Spotify, the app utilizes over 1,200 genre tags and intelligent music algorithms from The Echo Nest to help you find your optimal Soundscape.

There are three different Soundscape options: The Deep drives rhythmic patterns with reverberating lows for the fullest, most immediate experience, and works best for hip-hop, dance, and electronic genres. The Pure is a refined and open sound that unveils all details. Axel say it’s best for ambient, jazz, classical, and folk genres. Finally, the Soundscape Core is the most dynamic sound, with smooth textures and an especially sweet mid-range, and are best for contemporary pop and rock genres.

The Soundscape’s “Classic,” “Spikes” and “Waves” inserts will mould to the shape of your head over time, providing different degrees of comfort and feel. Each of our 3 Soundscapes have a unique, custom designed and engineered 40mm neodymium driver, speaker coating, filter texture, and shape.

It’s an interesting idea with customised sound devices becoming ever more popular. The only problem here is that, if you’re anything like us, you’ll enjoy all the diversity music offers you and won’t want to tie yourself down to a certain genre. But if you like the idea of the Axel Soundscape, head over their Kickstarter Website where you can grab a pair starting at $125 (roughly £80).




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