Bang & Olufsen are one of the most renowned home audio brands on the planet. And to celebrate the Danish company’s 90th birthday, they’ve announced the launch of this absolutely bonkers looking BeoLab90, which they say will change the future of sound.

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab90

The BeoLab90 is the monster of all home audio. The insane 360-degree, 8200-watt speaker comes with just your 18 drivers and amplifiers, as well as an app that allows Joes to optimise the speaker depending on room conditions by taking everything into account including the furniture!

Set to take sound quality to new levels, the innovative speaker combines world-class design with acoustics. The combination is so potent that it aims to be the most powerful digital loudspeaker ever produced for home use.

As the BeoLab90 is probably the most impressive home speaker ever invented, there’s a whole load of highly sophisticated technologies involved that we don’t understand. But we do understand that the 50-inch-tall cabinet is capable of shooting sound in any direction or all directions at once.

Using the ‘Beam Width Control,’ Joes can direct the sound to any particular sweet spot in the room, widening and tightening the sound field or opening it all the way up to present audio in all 360-degrees. And you do all of this from your smartphone by saving pre-settings for different listening situations.

The incredible looking aluminium cabinet totals more than 135kg and simultaneously measures the acoustic effects of its surroundings and directs the premium sound to the user’s favourite listening positions.

Needless to say the average Joe will be lucky to be in the same building as the Bang & Olufsen BeoLab90, let alone actually own one. The recommended price of BeoLab90 is an eye-watering £26,995 per unit, so £53,990 for the pair. First deliveries are expected at the end of year. More details are on the Bang & Olufsen Website. Maybe put it on your Christmas list?




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