Bang & Olufsen ‘Cool Modern’ Brass Collection

We’ve always had a love affair with anything Bang & Olufsen, and our love has only deepened having seen the results of their new Brass Collection. Inspired by Art Deco styling, the Bang & Olufsen Brass Collection replaces the brand’s typically stainless steel audio system designs with the warm glow of golden brass.

Officially known as the Bang & Olfusen ‘Cool Modern Collection’, the brass tones are inspired by contemporary interior design and Art Deco also known as Style Moderne. And just like Art Deco did almost a century ago, this permanent collection fuses technology and decorative art in a celebration of colourful living.

From furniture to audio equipment, brass hues have been sneaking their way into our homes for quite some time, with sterile metallics and gaudy golds making way for the warmer and more classic brass tones – evoking notions of the speakeasy bars of the 1920s.

Bang & Olufsen Brass Modern Collection 4
The idea behind the collection was to offer Joes and Janes a kind of elegance that was cutting-edge as well as accessible. As such, the collection has been permanently rolled out on almost all of the Danish brand’s key technology products, with the likes of the portable and wireless BeoSound 1 getting the treatment, alongside their top-of-the-line BeoLab 90 speakers.

Bang & Olufsen Brass Modern Collection 2
Our favourite in the collection, however, is the BeoVision 14 4K TV, which has also been donned with strips of brass to add some real class to your living room. With a 4K Ultra HD LED screen and exceptional sound capabilities, BeoVision 14 sets new standards for design, convenience and versatility in a television.

Head over to the Bang & Olufsen Website where you can find out more about the ‘Cool Modern’ Brass Collection and also check out the whole product range.

Bang & Olufsen Brass Modern Collection 3