There’s nothing quite like waking up to the smell of fresh coffee. Annoyingly though, it’s rare that said coffee is ever actually made for you by your own personal barista… that is unless you have a loving and extremely charitable partner! Well, now you can get your morning caffeine as soon as you wake with the Barisieur, an alarm clock which doubles up as a coffee machine.

Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock

The Barisieur, first and foremost, is a regular alarm clock. But as well as waking you up on time, it also syncs your alarm to the built-in coffee brewer, so coffee is hot and fresh as soon as you wake up in the morning.

The coffee alarm clock is the invention of London and Jersey-based designer Joshua Renouf. Renouf describes himself as has having ‘a tenacious attitude for innovation and a desire to explore new ideas,’ and is ‘motivated by playful designs, which encourage interaction.’

Joshua Renouf Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock 3
The really cool thing about the Barisieur is both functions are intertwined. I.E. The boiling of the coffee also acts as the alarm. The device works by using steel ball bearings which sit at the bottom of a glass beaker. These ball bearings are used to heat the water by an induction element underneath, so as the bearings raise the water temperature, they also rattle and act as the Joe’s alarm.

Joshua Renouf Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock 4
As well as the ball bearings waking you, you’ll also have the smell of freshly brewed coffee. All Joes need to do is make sure they’ve loaded the Barisieur with water the night before. It also comes with a grinder, a cooler for your cream or milk and drawer for your sugar.

The Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock isn’t currently up for sale, but Joshua Renouf says it’s in the process of being put into production, where the expected retail price will be between £200-250. Head over to Renouf’s Website to keep yourself updated.

Joshua Renouf Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock 1



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