You can purchase the highest-res audio you like, and even own the best headphones on the planet, but there’s virtually no way to recreate that live music feel when it comes to the bassline. That is until now! Say hello to the Basslet, a one-of-a-kind wearable subwoofer which puts the power and accuracy of a large sound system into a device that fits on your wrist.

Basslet Wearable Subwoofer

For the makers of the Basslet, sound is meant to felt, not just heard. So despite the size of the wearable, the Basslet makes you feel like you are surrounded by sound, no matter where you are. Whether you’re on the bus, at the gym, or on the plane, with Basslet you can take the massive experience of live music anywhere.

It’s a bold idea but when you break it down, it’s a fairly simple concept. In order to use the Basslet, all you need is to connect Basslet’s accompanying ‘sender’ device (a small box with a regular 3.5mm jack) to your smartphone/laptop. The sender will then automatically connect to your wearable. That means no apps – a novelty in itself!

Basslet Wearable Subwoofer 4
With the Basslet, you’ll feel the thump of a kick drum or the groove of a funky bassline throughout your body. It works for anything that has sound. That means you can even connect it to your gaming console or VR headset, meaning a far more immersive gaming experience.

Basslet Wearable Subwoofer 3
The Basslet’s LoSound engine (patent-pending) is what makes this device tick. It effortlessly recreates bass frequencies down to 10 Hz, meaning it can handle low end peaks with extreme accuracy. The wearable will give you 6 hours playtime and can be fully charged via USB in an hour.

While we’ve still got question marks over the general annoyance of the Basslet, it’s an undeniable cool little gadget. Which is probably why it’s already smashed its Kickstarter target within a couple of weeks. You too can get in on the action by heading to the Basslet Kickstarter Page where the wearable is being sold for around £105 ($139). Deliveries are expected in December this year.

Basslet Wearable Subwoofer 2



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