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Batband Headphones

At first the Batband might look like a piece of film memorabilia from Star Trek, but look closer and you might see Joes bobbing their head to the beat because they’re actually some futuristic looking headphones!

The Batband works through bone conduction technology which is, for once, as fascinating as it sounds. Consisting of transducers, sound waves are transmitted through the Batband at a frequency that can be conducted through the bones of the skull. Creepy, eh?

The main advantage of this is not only is the sound described as more full and visceral, but your ears remain totally free and you can therefore hear what’s going on around you without compromising on comfort, quality and, depending on your taste, style.

Despite the look, the Batband is incredibly easy to use. Simply place them around the back of your head and pair it to your mobile device through Bluetooth. The Left Button at the front of the Batband turns it on and also answers phonecalls. The Right Panel is where you control the track functions; Tap the front edge and the volume goes up, tap the back edge and the volume you goes down. You can also skip a track by swiping from back to front or go back a track by swiping from front to back. Pretty intuitive, really!

We’re assured the Batband is comfortable and has been made for daily use. Its outer frame is made of spring steel which should give it a good grip around the back of your head and the inner padded lining guarantees maximum comfort and minimum sound leakage.

The Batband headphone contains a rechargeable battery that’s charged via USB. It will, however, only offer Joes 6 hours of playback before it needs some juice. While that’s hardly impressive, 6 hours isn’t a sticking point and should give you enough time to finish the complete works of Springsteen. Probably.

We’re still not completely sold on the Batband design but at least its offering something genuinely new and the technology is fascinating. If you’re more convinced than we are, head over to the Batband Kickstarter page where you can get hold of a pair for around the £100 mark.




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