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Beats Pill Speaker from Beats by Dre

Beats by Dre Pill

A wireless, portable speaker system from Beats by Dre in the shape of a pill that both has the specs and the style to rock yet another musical boat. You can’t go anywhere without seeing Beats by Dre, they’re on the heads celebs and round the necks of the sports stars, they’re taking over the world so it seems… and if that was a bitter enough pill to swallow, then look away now, as the new Beats Pill Speaker System looks good enough to overtake any competition.


With a reported 7 hours of battery time, these speakers are chargable through USB. Connection to devices is not just your standard bluetooth, but also has the added flair of NFC (near field communication). This means if you have a phone or MP3 player that is NFC enabled, all you have to do is touch them together and POW, you’re good to go. A typical problem with this is that often connections are dropped and your speakers battery will dwindle into nothingness, however there is a 30 minute kill switch, which will turn your idle speakers off.

Since most people now use their phone as their music player of choice, it is also handy to hear that the Pill comes with a built in microphone with echo-reducing technology, so it can double up as an on-the-go hands-free system. Although, it is a pain if you’ve got music playing for a group of people and all of a sudden its interrupted by your incoming call being shared with the crowd. But its not just phones, laptops and tablets are all bluetooth enabled these days, so it can make a handy speaker system for these too.

Whilst we can only hazard a guess at this point what the Beats Pill Speaker sound will be like based on prior Beats by Dr Dre form, we can at least guarantee they’ll look good. With a typical choice of block colours, you can pre-order these now in either black, white or red from the Beats online, and check out a set at £169.95. This pretty much sets it up against the market leading Jawbone Jambox, and although arriving late to the speaker party I expect the Beats by Dre Pill Speaker to bulldoze its way through to the top.




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