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Beddi Alarm Clock

Unlike some things, getting up in the morning never gets easier with experience. So we reckon you need a sophisticated bit of kit to help you along the way. Introducing Beddi, probably the world’s best affordable alarm clock.

At its heart, Beddi is a simple alarm clock/Bluetooth speaker dock for your smartphone. But it does so much more than just wake you up or play your music with over twenty awesome features including commute updates, Uber and Spotify functionality, weather forecasts and 16 million colour mood lights!

All of these functions can be controlled through Beddi’s three programmable smart buttons. Each button has three modes – Single Click, Double Click and Long Press – so you have total of nine different commands which can control essentially anything in your smart home.

You’ll never be late again with Beddi. As well waking Joes up gradually with customisable light, this alarm clock comes with Google Maps integration for morning commute updates. Beddi knows your commute and updates you on current traffic conditions when your smartphone is docked in place.

Beddi is also Spotify compatible so you can choose different playlists for weekdays and weekdays to wake you up. Or if music isn’t your thing, you can be woken up by some stock sounds such as fan noise, the ocean, the forest or some light rain.

The smartphone dashboard also displays a weather forecast so if it’s raining, you can set Beddi’s smart button to call Uber in just one click. The Beddi app will then find the nearest Uber and notify you via voice when your Uber arrives.

In theory, it can also activate any smart appliance you have in your home. At the click of a button, your coffee machine can be ready and waiting.

We should probably say Beddi is a high quality Bluetooth speaker with 2 x 3W speakers, plus 2 vibration diaphragms to ensure quality sound. Did we also mention Beddi comes with two USB ports for multiple charging?

The Beddi alarm clock is being sold on crowd-funding site Kickstarter where its unsurprisingly already smashed through its target after just a few days – clearly Joes like it as much as we do! You can get hold of your very own for around £50 ($75) with a shipping date expected to be June 2016. Just head over to the Beddi Kickstarter Page for more details.




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