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Beep Wireless Music Streamer

The wireless streaming of music is big business, SONOS being the god like creature with all the major manufactures trying to play catchup. The issue is, most of them need a whole load of new kit, and if you already have a pretty tight sound system, you may not want to upgrade. This is where the new Beep Wireless Music Streamer comes in.

A small, quite retro looking device, it will plug in to nearly any powered speakers that has a 3.5mm AUX, RCA, or optical input. Once connected (Beep will need a powersource as well) you can then stream music from your phone or tablet to the speakers via the device. Current supported apps only include Pandora (booo, hisss) but expect to see Spotify, Rdio and many others during the course of the year. And you can also stream your own music directly from your phone / tablet through the Beep App.

In terms of the quality, it uses a built-in 24-bit DAC and a 3.5mm optical output to provide a loss-free digital signal. So all in all, it will just be down to your original file. Through the actual physical Beep you will be able to start, pause and alter the sound with a simple push or twist. It’s all very cool and seems like a great idea but our only worry is the potential price. One is $99 (going up to $150 after launch), and to make the most of it you are probably going to want a few dotted around the house which will soon mount up and make SONOS or another brand a viable option. Not to mention it may look a little big?

Beep Music is being dubbed Chromecast for sound after being started by 2 ex-googlers and is available later this year. To find out more about Beep, head on over to thisisbeep or watch the quite terrible video below. It seems a great idea, let’s just hope it is well executed.




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