The Bello Scanner Will Measure Your Body Fat

It’s no secret that weight isn’t the best way to measure how healthy you are, since muscle weighs a lot more than fat. This is why most fitness buffs are far more interested in their body fat around the waist. Well, now there could be an easier way to analyse your own body fat thanks to a scanning device called Bello.

Designed by Olive Healthcare, Bello is a body fat scanner designed to analyse the timber around your waist and help you deal with it. The device scans belly fat with Near-Infrared lights to track and manage abdominal health, prevent obesity and related metabolic disease. Users will then receive precision reports via an accompanying app.

Using Bello is allegedly surprisingly fast too; simply turn on the device, connect it to the app, and you’re ready to go. The device only needs to be held just above your belly button for three seconds, and then below it for the same amount of time. The companion app will then give you a score out of 10 to reflect your general health.

Bello Body Fat Measures Indiegogo

The idea is that Bello will be used by its users daily as part of a morning routine to monitor how well a fitness programme is going. On a single charge, the makers say the device will run for up to 120 days, just to emphasise the point. Inside the app, you’ll also get tips on good exercises to do and good foods to eat in order to keep on the straight and narrow.

Bello is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo and has already reached its targets with well over two weeks of funding to go. Prices start at £146 and those who buy now will also get a free lifetime subscription to the app thrown in. Should Bello go well, the makers are even hinting at a handheld breast-cancer scanner as their next project. Find out more over at the Olive Healthcare Website.

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