The annual Drone Awards contest has just named the winning images for 2018. Organised by the Art Photo Travel festival in Sienna, Italy, this year’s competition saw over 4,400 submissions from photographers 101 countries across the globe, with Florian Ledoux’s ‘Above The Polar Bear’ image taking home the grand prize.

Best Aerial Photos of the Year Announced for the 2018 Drone Awards 2018

The DrAw Photo Contest (Drone Awards) is a new project from the Art Photo Travel Association. Dedicated to showcasing some of the most outstanding drone image taken across the past year, categories include Abstract, Nature, People, Sport, Wildlife, and Urban, as well as an overall winner.

The grand prize this year went to Florian Ledoux for his image of a polar swimming between icebergs, aptly titled ‘Above The Polar Bear’. The Abstract award winner went to Ovi D. Pop for his photo ‘Weather Snake’, while the Urban award went to Francesco Cattuto for his photo ‘Assisi Over the Clouds’ taken in central Italy.


The Nature category was won by the image ‘Mada’in Saleh’ by Gabriel Scanu, which shows the ancient archaeological site in Saudi Arabia, while ‘Pilgrimage of Millions of People’ by Qinghua Shui won the ‘People’ award. The final two winners were ‘Skating Shadows’ by Vincent Riemersma in the Sport category, and ‘Blacktip Shark’ by Adam Barker in ‘Nature’.

The official Best Drone Photography Awards 2018 ceremony will take place later this year on 27th October. Take a look at all the category winners and noted entries over at the Drone Awards Website.


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