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iPhone 5 Cases & Bumpers

So Apple have announced their slick looking iPhone 5, and with pre-orders starting today it might be the time to start thinking about your iPhone5 protection. It looks slick, and we much prefer the black, in fact, there are a few other design points to pick up on when thinking about purchasing your new iPhone 5 case or a bumper. Firstly, will you want to cover or hide any of the aspects? Secondly, do you need a case or bumper?

The new design of the iPhone has effectively eliminated the main reason the bumper came in to existence: the antenna problem. There is no more a risk of death grips unless you have giant hands, as the antenna is split into 4 quadrants similar in the iPhone 4S. Also, the ‘extra tough’ gorilla glass is now almost flush with the metal rim, which means it is less exposed to smashing and cracking when its dropped. I say ‘extra tough’ as I have not had an iPhone that hasn’t been littered with scratches after a year’s usage. Also, are you clumsy? Or, simply, are you want to personalise your new iPhone 5?

Well, we have and will continuously follow the new iPhone 5 cases & bumper releases in order to give you the best iPhone5 Bumpers and Case option right here.


Gresso Revolution iPhone5 Bumper. $3000
This actually landed on our deck before the keynote so we knew what to expect in terms of size. Sure it costs a ton, but its the style and form that counts. Lifetime warranty, a unique serial number on display, titanium casing, innovatively secured with magnet lock system, ergonomic and pretty gosh darned sexy. Oh, and there’s only 999 of them – get them while they’re hot (or cool in this case).


Clumsy Pick:

Otterbox iPhone5 Case $59.95
The defender series is updated for the iPhone 5, which comes with 3 layers of protection which work to safeguard your phone against the elements, whilst also providing a secure casing to prevent your butter fingers destroying your beautiful new phone! A must for anyone in need of extra security and protection.


Affordable Luxury

Mujjo iPhone5 Sleeve
We are a big fan of the hand-crafting by Mujjo and they have just detailed their new range of iPhone 5 sleeves. Sleek, simple and a touch of luxury. One of our favourite of the bunch.


Calypso Rainbow iPhone5 Case £116
Beautiful pouches made from high quality leather with different finishes that add a touch of class and flair to your phone at the same time as giving it that pocket protection it needs. A little different, a little quirky, just how we like things!



Belkin iPhone5 Cases
When you look at a standard range of cases, Belkin and Griffin are the two names that always come to mind. Of course, they’re updated their ranges to suit the iPhone 5, without making any stellar leaps forward in design. The transparent design, however, is best to allow you to show off the back of your phone.

Tooled-up & Multi-Purpose

ReadyCase $40+
This Swiss Army Knife style case packs a kickstands for both portrait and landscape, a lens ring, a USB stick (8-16gb), a headphone clip, and a multi-tool with a standard blade, serrated blade, flathead screwdiver and a bottle opener to boot. Not to mention that it comes with three different lenses too: wide angle, macro and fisheye lenses. Not to mention that this piece of nifty kit will protect your shiny new iPhone 5 as well (and can be for the 4/4s). This may have trouble getting through airport security, but no doubt it will fly right through the funding process here on Indiegogo, so go and invest and grab one now!


Proporta iPhone5 Case £29.95
Classic look of a leather case which flips open for usage. Good protection for the front and the back of the phone, as long as you don’t mind that flipping case of course. It looks far more professional when out in the office or a meeting than that case which looks like a hamster.


Instagram Pr0

Hitcase Pro iPhone5 Case – £TBC
Now much has been made of the new iPhone 5 camera, some people saying it just hasn’t improved enough and is now lagging behind the latest Nokia’s. Others saying the new software will win it through. Only time will tell but this updated case looks cool. Featuring a removable wide-angle lens as well as a mounting system, it could be a very handy case come it’s projected launch in mid-December, and the 4 / 4S is available for pre-order now…

Want more? Click for a full look at the Hitcase Pro iPhone 5 Case.



Cygnett FlipWallet iPhone5 Case £24.95
Phone, wallet, keys – the usual quick check as you leave the house. This case will make that quicker, giving you maybe an extra 2 seconds to dawdle as you head on out. Its great value and the case will do a great job of keeping your phone safe. Note: though please beware, this is the pickpocket’s dream!


Fitness Freaks

Belkin Pro-Fit iPhone5 Case £24.99
So you want to keep your phone somewhere safe when you’re in the gym or pounding the streets? Fair enough. Here is yet another armband design much like every other armband design you’ve ever seen. They do work, we use them, but I expect some better, more innovative and at least classier designs will be coming soon…


Alternatively the U-motion runner by Uniea (£20 approx), has just been detailed. A very lightweight running armband which is simplistic in design.



Griffin Animal Parade iPhone5 Case £19.99
As far as I’m concerned, these things are hideous and should be outlawed, and yet I have friends of all genders and ages that think they’re excellent. Griffin have updated their range so that you can now also make your beautiful iPhone 5 look stupid too.


Protection Only

WrapsolUltra Xtreme iPhone5 Protection £22.75 or Zagg $15-30
Lets not beat about the bush, one of the main reasons people go out and buy iPhones is because, out of all the phones on the market, they pretty much look the best. If you bought it for that reason, hiding it in a case seems a little daft right? Well the Wrapsol covers are thin protection films that are designed to show the phone off in all its beauty and protect it from scrapes and scratches and can be ordered with a privacy film. The Zagg covers are patented bubble-less covers, military grade and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Dynaflo Liquid Armor iPhone5 Protection $24.99
Transparent cases and screen shields do protect your phone from greasy oily fingers, but they have their own kryptonite in the form of dust particles and bubbles. Dynaflo’s liquid-armor is a spray that coats your device with a unique anti-static and weather resistant formula that repels dust and stains for up to 6 months. Personally, it sounds like your spraying a phone with Mr Sheen, but I do hear good things.

QWERTY lovers

Boxwave’s iPhone5 Keyboard Buddy $89.99
Boxwave have a whole range of cases, but this is by far the best in the line-up. A slim(ish) case with a slide out, black-lit Qwerty keyboard on the back for those of you who are yet to embrace the touchscreen. It has its own onboard battery to power it with a micro-usb charger so it won’t drain the fragile iPhone battery.


Manly man with little taste

Griffin Mastachio iPhone5 Case £19.99
Men have moustaches. Ron Swanson has helped teach the younger generations this absolute fact. Griffin want to adorn your iPhone 5 with moustaches too, with this rather garish cover. There is nothing subtle or classy here like you’d expect from your moustachioed macho man, more just hopping on the bandwagon if you ask me!


Pattern lovers

Griffin Chevron & Moxy iPhone5 Cases £19.99
Fortunately Griffin’s cases aren’t all designed to hurt the eyes or generally sit about looking playfully preposterous. These smoother and classic designs bring a sleeker look with the jungle-inspired Big Cat, Python and Zebra looks in a variety of colours. These cases also protect the back of the phone when its inserted, so a nice bit of thinking there too!


That’s our round up of the best iPhone 5 Cases & Bumpers so far. Bookmark though as we will be adding more in the run up to Christmas! I mean 21 September 2012…



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