While Christmas is a time of joy and merriment, there is also a period of dread which fills us when we have no idea what to buy a loved one. Well, make them feel like a giddy child again on Christmas morning by getting them the brand spanking new Samsung Quantum dot TV – billed as the ‘smartest TV on the planet.’

The New Samsung SUHD Quantum dot TV

Welcome to the incredible unrivalled world of lifelike UHD picture quality, with 64 times more colour than standard UHD TVs. The Samsung SUHD with Quantum Dot Display doesn’t just raise the bar, it changes the game – it’s therefore the ultimate Christmas gift.

The SUHD with Quantum Dot display come with a staggering range of colours – over 1 billion to be exact, compared to just 17 million colours in conventional UHD TVs. It’s also the smartest TV on the planet with fast access the content you want to watch from a variety of input sources on the Smart Hub home screen.

You can watch your favourite TV shows using the TV guide, switch to binge on UHD box sets through Netflix or Amazon Instant Video – all of this is possible without interrupting what you are currently watching in just 3 clicks.

To accompany the release of the TV, Samsung have made a fairly hilarious ad depicting adults opening their new SUHD TVs on Christmas morning with the excitement of children opening their toys which you can view just above.

Head over to the Samsung Website to check out more SUHD Quantum dot TV specs and check out the chuckle-worthy video above.

Samsung SUHD TV 2

This post was kindly sponsored by Samsung.



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