Blackberry Storm 3

Blackberry Storm 3

Blackberry Storm 3 rumours

Now I would love to say some new, exciting news has come out of RIM towers this morning, but I am afraid not! Although a little leak has popped up about the Storm 3, it all sounds pretty un-exciting and makes me glad I got rid of mine and went for the iPhone4.

They are increasing the RAM to help the new BB6 operating system, a slight increase in camera spec to 5 megapixels but apart from that every thing else is pretty standard.

Given how popular Blackberrys have become in the last 2 years, and not just amongst business users, but personal users as well I can’t tell you how disappointed how I am. They have the potential to launch an iPhone beater, but instead we just keep getting rushed, half baked ideas. RIM, take your time and bring us the ultimate smartphone!!

Original story from engadget.



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