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Blackberry Z10 Cases

The new Blackberry Z10 has been out for a few weeks, and whilst it seems to be gaining some traction with consumers, there still seems to be a lack of backing from manufactures in the same vein as app developers, and as such a slight lack of good Blackberry Z10 cases are on offer.

However, never fear, we have scoured the net to do the hard work for you and track down the best and coolest BB Z10 cases we could find just for you. So if you on the look out for a good Blackberry Z10 case, go no further, we have teamed up with Carphone Warehouse to bring you some of the very best. Just scroll down, view your best Blackberry Z10 Case and make your pick!

Blackberry Flip Shell

Borrowing from the hinged covers on the green fruit, this case will snugly fit your shiny new Blackberry Z10 providing wrap around protection. The added bonus of battery preservation through the magnetic cover (which Apple borrowed for their cover) and the kickstand make it a good bet that this official case will be the most popular. £19.99

Blackberry Transform Shell

A more basic official cover, this Blackberry Z10 case will cover the corners of your device as well as providing a sturdy little kickstand. This is a lovely little feature for enjoying the multimedia aspects of the phone as well as for Video BBM. But drop this right (or wrong!) and it won’t provide much cover.

Blackberry Pocket / Pouch

The classic cover people think of has historically been the best. Protecting all aspects of the phone against bumps and scratches, they really can’t be beat. The new range of pockets for the Z10 are just as good. We like the official ones, but some of the third party ones have better or more customised designs.

Left to right: Blackberry Flip Shell, Transform Shell and Blackberry Pocket Case.

Blackberry Holster

The official swivelling holster is a nifty Z10 cover. Made from genuine leather, with a full 360 degree the secure magnetic flip cover brings the added benefit of automatic power saving, locking the phone. These are great, but I don’t know many people who wear belt holsters anymore!

Case-Mate Barely There

If you’re after a Blackberry Z10 case that is thin and durable, barely there is the case you’re probably looking for. Its snap on design keeps it very close to the body, barely adding to the dimensions, and is slightly raised above the bezel to protect the screen. This comes in black and white for minimalistic Z10 protection.

Case-Mate Woods

An interesting concept, fusing a piece of exotic wood to the back of your Z10 and providing a lovely organic design as well as protection. It is likened a bit to “high end automobiles”, and you can see why, reminding me of a Rolls dashboard. Its not all wood though, as there is brushed aluminium providing the real protection for the phone.

Case-Mate Brushed Aluminium

This hard shell looks the part, and as long as you don’t mind the contrast of the silver brushed alumnium against the shiny black Z10 then it is a solid case. Its inside has a fancy cushioned design as well, which you may forget once you’ve snapped this 2-piece protector round your phone.

Left to right: Barely There, Woods and Aluminium Cases from Case-Mate.

Case-Mate Tough

2 is almost always better than 1. This Blackberry Z10 case provides 2 layers of protection built into its shell, with an extra cushioned interior as well as flexible the polycarbonate bumper to give you a bit of extra confidence that your clumsiness won’t kill it! Its cover protects the bezel well and the case looks good too with a 3D mechanical pattern on the back.

Case-Mate Signature Flip

Pretty much all-over protection in a leather case that flips open from the bottom. Made from genuine leather with some protective microfibres inside, its a lovely, solid case of the sort that most people favour for obvious reasons.

Tech 21 – Impact Snap (with or without front cover)

The Tech 21 snap shells exist for a few different models of phones and provide both a good level of protection and functionality. Made from shock absorbent material, they cover the front (if you get the cover), back and sides perfectly. That being said, the colour range leaves a lot to be desired in either all black, or grey and orange…

Incipio Cases

Still looking for a case for your Blackberry Z10? Well, Incipio have kept up their good work by bringing out a full range for the new Blackberry. Our favourite is the DualPro Shine, which has an aluminium finish that doesn’t hinder signal. They also come with a screen protector to provide all over protection in something that looks pretty darned good!


Left to right: Blackberry Incipio DualPro Shine, Case-Mate Signature Flip Case and the Tech 21 Impact Snap Case.

OtterBox Z10 Defender Case

Those wonderful chaps at OtterBox (link) really do make the best when it comes to safeguarding our mobile devices from, well, life. Their Defender series for the Z10 has a two piece polycarbonate layer, and outer silicone layer, built in screen protector and plugs to cover holes and buttons. Its good against drops, scratches and dust build-up and most things you can throw at it (please don’t throw things at it).

Invisible Shield

A lot of the cases above either provide back & side protection or wrap around, however the screen is one of the more expensive parts and definitely needs some care of its own to avoid scratches and smudges. Invisible shield does a good job of keeping this safe, and a handy application tool (with a bit of practice) will ensure a buble-free, protected screen.

There we have it, our pretty awesome list of the best Blackberry Z10 cases! What do you think? Did we miss one? Let us know below!

This feature has been put together with the help of Carphone Warehouse



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