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Warm Up This Winter With the Blaze Tower Fire Pit and Smoker

With winter settling in, you’re going to need a good reason to head out into your garden. And we can’t think of many better reasons for heading outdoors unless Cara Delevingne is waiting with a wink and a smile than to spend time next to the Blaze Tower – a fire pit and meat smoker all-in-one.

We’ve always thought standard steel fire pits are pretty cool anyway, but the Blaze Tower isn’t just a legit centrepiece in your garden. As well as heating up your surroundings during colder months, it can also pull double duty as a charcoal grill and smoker. That means cooking the turkey this Christmas just got a whole lot easier!

The Blaze is generously-sized with enough room to smoke a whole chicken, turkey, or any other big slab of meat you can think of in one go. The Accessory Cooking Kit includes a slotted steel grilling rack, a removable charcoal basket, removable doors, vent louvres to control airflow, and a meat hanging rack. So basically everything you’d need.

Blaze Tower Fire Pit 3
Design features include vents which direct smoke upwards and away from those seated nearby and a covered storage compartment to protect your stockpile of firewood from moisture. It’s also built to last a lifetime in the outdoors, aging naturally through the years.

Precision machine cut steel creates a unique tab and slot design on the Blaze Tower that enables flat shipping and makes assembly easy for just two people. The tab and slots align the panels during assembly and create an incredibly strong connection with just 6 bolts.

If you like the look of the Blaze Tower as much as we do, and love the idea of having your own smoker out back, head over to the Blaze Tower Website where it’s being sold for around £395 ($499).

Blaze Tower Fire Pit 2
Blaze Tower Fire Pit 4



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