Take a look at potentially the future for wearable tech. Blocks is the world’s first modular smartwatch. The modular bit means Joes can add whatever feature they like to an already fully functional smartwatch.

Blocks Modular Watch

The watchface, or ‘Core’ as Blocks are calling it, has all the features you would expect from a smartwatch. But the strap that is really where Blocks comes into its own. It’s made of several links, or Modules, each of which have their own functions. Joes can choose whichever Modules they want and connect them together to build the ultimate in personalised smartwatch.

As it stands the Blocks has a choice of modules which include; Extra Battery, Heart Rate Monitor, GPS, NFC Contactless and an Adventure module which gives live readings of temperature, pressure, and altitude.

Other modules set for within the year include a Sim Card module, a Fingerprint ID module, an LED indicator for cycling and a Programmable Button which can programmed to trigger any action on your phone or Blocks watch. There’s also talk of a Camera module.

The great thing about Blocks is unlike other smartwatches, in theory Blocks is future-proof. Rather than having to upgrade your tech every year, just simply buy the latest module. Blocks is also an open platform so any company or individual can develop modules meaning a whole host of possibilities.

The Blocks modular watch is being sold on crowd-funding website Kickstarter where prices start at around £126 ($195) where they aim to ship to Joes by May 2016. Each future module will set you back around £20 ($30) which we think is actually pretty good value. Whatever you think, the Block modular watch is definitely one to keep an eye on!




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