The result of a case study by design studio Blond, we absolutely love the look of the Duo; a minimalist, Bluetooth speaker which also comes with wireless charging capabilities for your smartwatches and smartphones!

Blond Duo Wireless Charging Speaker

Blond is a London-based design studio who create contemporary products, spaces and digital experiences for a diverse range of brands. Their main aim with the Duo Speaker prototype was to demonstrate to large consumer electronics brands how they could offer an induction charging solution which ‘sits comfortably and effortlessly within the home environment.’

The charging part of the Duo works through your now standard induction, meaning various Android smartphones can simply be placed on the provided plate to charge. Naturally, the technology will also work with any compatible smartwatches too.

Induction charging technology is quickly becoming a standard part of modern portable devices. While surprisingly the new iPhone 7 isn’t incorporating the tech, various Android phones have in-built inductive charging capabilities. Despite this, most charging stations aren’t portable and they rarely add any convenience. Blond want to change this with a product that can be moved around the home to suit modern living.

Blond Design Duo Wireless Charging Speaker 2
This is where the portable speaker comes in. If you’re anything like us, you’ll use your speaker on a daily basis. We often find incorporating two devices on one product is nothing more than a vanity project but we think this could have some legs.

As of yet, there are no details of release of the Blond Duo Speaker but even if the London studio don’t put the product on sale, we’d be surprised if someone else didn’t come up with something very similar. Head over to the Blond Website to check out all of their work.

Blond Design Duo Wireless Charging Speaker 1



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